Retrokitchen freebie kit

Confession: I only use freebies on my layouts. There are so many good quality and beautiful freebies given away by talented designers! But I am fastidious; I recolor almost every element to fit my needs and blend together papers to get the look I am after. Joining the Scrapbooking community at Pixelscrapper made me realise I could design my own scrapbooking kits (duh!). [Oh by the way, if you haven't joined Pixelscrapper yet; go and sign up now! It is the friendliest and most generous community in the land of scrapbooking. Really.] So, I started designing my first freebie kit, because I wanted to give something back. And because it is fun! Pixelscrapper came up with such a great theme for their blogtrain, I just couldn’t resist. So, here it is… my very first kit: Retrokitchen by abloom. This being my first time I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!

I am not promising anything. I might leave it at this first kit. Only, I had so much fun in making it, that I will probably make another one. Or not. We’ll see… ;-)


[DOWNLOAD HERE] *sorry, link expired*

Keep checking back, because in two weeks (or less; I’m not good at keeping secrets ;-)), there might be a little add-on… And feel free to browse my blog for more freebies!

72 Comments on “Retrokitchen freebie kit

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  2.  by  Jenny

    Thank you so much! super cute, love the “king” and “queen” titles :)

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  4.  by  Karen

    Wow, this is a great kit, so unusual! I have just discovered your blog but will definitely be marking my place :)

  5.  by  Lhs

    Great kit , would love to have it however the download link gives an error ; Try again tomorrow
    Daily traffic limit reached . Guess I will try tomorrow.
    Thanks for offering it.

    •  by  abloom

      I hope your second try will get you your downloads. If not, let me know and I’ll see what I can do…

  6.  by  Michelle

    I think you did a great job, and THANK YOU for sharing it with us! :)

  7.  by  Heather Morgan

    I love it! So cute. May need to make myself a recipe book with this to compile my favorite recipes. Thanks so much.

  8.  by  Christelle

    This is great! Lovely use of the colours, and great variety. Thanks for sharing!

  9.  by  Deborah

    Very nice! I love the implements in a circle frame. Also, I remember the kitchen wallpapers that looked like some of your papers. You got it! I don’t cook much myself, but I have some of my grandmother’s and mother’s handwritten recipe cards and I might use this to scrap those. Thank you!

    •  by  abloom

      What a great idea! Maybe I’ll try to dig up some handwritten recipes my mom has… she’s got some yummy ones! Thanks for the inspiration, I hope you enjoy the kit.

  10.  by  molly

    Wow, this is your first kit ???????? I absolutely love it :) Thank you so much for sharing!

  11.  by  Danielle

    Thank you for making this kit! I love to cook and I really like the style and colors you’ve used.

  12.  by  Natalie

    Floored by the kit — honestly! I especially loved the fun twirls in the aprons. Cooking has become a shared love of my entire family, and I look forward to using this kit to scrap pics from the current generation right back to some heritage photos of my Grandma in her own kitchen when she was a newlywed. Thanks for your creativity and generosity!

    •  by  abloom

      Thank you Natalie – What a great idea to scrap your grandmother in her kitchen. My grandma was in the kitchen almost every waking second, some fond memories there. Please share them once you have finished your layouts, I would love to see them!

  13.  by  Lorien

    It´s hard to say what are my favorite portions of your kit, because I reallly enjoyed the kit as a whole. But I guess I´ll stay with the Word Arts – Please, make more of them on your next kits :D

    Thank you so much for this portion of the blog train. It was a wonderful start ;)

  14.  by  Lou Anne

    I can’t wait to try these things. They all look so inviting! Thank you.

  15.  by  Carrie

    I really love the look of your kit! I can’t wait to see what else you create. Your style is very unique :)

    •  by  abloom

      Thank you! I was still debating whether I would keep creating, but all the kind words here have really inspired me to keep going. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my next kit too.

  16.  by  Lix

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I like your graphics, original and elegant

  17.  by  Janet

    Such lovely designs!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work. Oh, and love the blog as well. :)

  18.  by  PeggyNC

    Thank you so much for the terrific pieces of your kit, I love the retro elements especially the round frames.

  19.  by  heidi

    When i try to download the blogtrain it gives me a cookie agreement. Where is the download I clicked on where it says to download but keeps going to this other weird thing.

    •  by  PeggyNC

      @ Heidi, you accept the cookie agreement, then you get the download link for the retrokitchen kit. The downloader this designer uses politely asks your permission to save the same type of cookie that other downloaders do automatically without your noticing.

  20.  by  Michele

    Melo, is there a way that I can subscribe to your blog; perhaps by RSS feed or something like that? Thank you. So appreciate your design of this portion of the blog train.

    •  by  abloom

      Hi Michelle. I didn’t think anyone would be really interested, lol. I have turned on the RSS specially for you :-) You can find it on the bottom of the homepage. Thanks for your kind words!

  21.  by  Sharon W.

    Not that I’m trying to sway you or anything (well, maybe a little!), but your kit is my favorite so far – very bright and cheerful! Thanks for sharing your creation!!

  22.  by  Sunny Faith

    Love your designs! I like the muted tones of your papers, and the elements are terrific! Can’t wait to use them! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  23.  by  Christine

    Absolutely great kit! Love the round frames and the aprons are so cute! But most of all I love the papers in those wonderful colors and patterns. I didn’t know you were from Holland as well.
    I’m a total 50′s addict and collect Dutch dinnerware and pottery from that era. The pastel colors not the ones that were released later in more vibrant colors. I started collecting while still living in Holland now that I live in the US it has so much more value to me. There were some pretty good Dutch designers in those days!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent and generosity! Can’t believe this is your first kit! Your certainly have talent and I hope to see more from you soon!

    •  by  abloom

      Hi Christine! I love Dutch designs from the fifties. I’m already sketching for an all Dutch kit, so keep an eye on the blog!

  24.  by  Violet

    Melouise! I am in love with everything here! I love your kit, LOVE IT. I love your logo (which I believe you said a few weeks ago that you designed yourself, yes?), I love your blog, I adore how you wrote the TOU text over in the right column. You chose such great color combos for the kit and your textures are to die for! Can your first tutorials be very detailed walkthroughs of how you achieved the dreamy texture on your paper and elements? What fonts did you use for the word art? Will it say in the download/credits list somewhere? I love those, too! The circle frames are inspired. I love what you said about only using freebies, too. Except for a few “practical” pieces (like digital “plastic” page protectors) that I don’t know how to make myself, I’m an all freebies & homemade scrapper myself. (I feel a little guilty that I almost never buy anything, since I know freebies are often given away to promote designers’ paid work, but less guilty now that I am making my own and giving back.) Thanks for all of this!

    •  by  abloom

      Hey Violet! I didn’t think of a credit list… Good tip for the next freebie(s). I’ll try and work on a ‘how-I-made-this-kit’ tut. It might be a little while though – I have thoroughly neglected my family these past weeks in trying to build my own kit and blog!

    •  by  abloom

      Thanks Brooke! That means so much to me, since you are one of my favorite designers :D

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