Felt Fever: Add-ons!

I thought it would be fun to let you decide what sort of Birds & Bees add-on you would like. For the last blogtrain (Retrokitchen) I made a couple of journal cards and two little chibi-friends (who are still up for grabs by the way). Ofcourse, you will have to stay within the ‘Felt fever: Birds and Bees’ theme and (far more important) I have to be able to make it ;-) Leave me a comment with the ONE thing you would love to see in a freebie add-on (please don’t leave a whole list, leave some ideas for the other ladies who want to join in the fun).

I will pick one (or maybe more if I feel inspired), create the requested add-on and get it up on this blog for download before April is over. Follow me on Facebook and you will recieve a heads-up when it’s up for grabs. Ready? Set? GO!


**** Add-on pack is finally here! ****

I am so late posting this. Life really got in the way here. My kids and myself got stuck with a high fever (taught me never to name my kit ‘felt fever’ again). The sick days were followed by a couple of beautiful sunshiny days on which I just couldn’t bring myself to sit behind my computer! Maybe the amount of elements of this add-on pack will make up for it though… Leave me your thoughts and your works of art using my little felties, I would love to see and here them!


[DOWNLOAD HERE] *sorry, link expired*

I can’t seem to get enough of felting… well, just about anything! After I finished this add-on pack something kept buzzing in my head; “make an alpha, make an alpha, make an alpha”. OK, I succumbed and made a blue lowercase FeltFever Alpha. And some frames. Somebody please stop me :-S. Or, if you like all these extra free felties, follow me on Facebook, where I’ll give you a heads up the minute something felty starts buzzing in my head again…

30 Comments on “Felt Fever: Add-ons!

  1.  by  Regina

    Thank you for sharing your felties with us. :) They are GREAT! ! ! ! :)

  2.  by  Anon

    Your felt work just amazes me and gets the creative juices flowing…. so here’s a few more ideas (please note I am not trying to be greedy. I am just inspired and… you asked :P.
    felt rick rack with some stitching (loops or a bee’s flying trail), a felt loop d’loop to put a flying trail behind that great bee, some large single hexagon shapes layered like the eyes of the bird and owl, hexagon stitched felt overlays (like a stencil) of course in all the colors would be great…

    LOVE the idea of a alpha, maybe with hexagon instead of “circles” in the cut outs (prefer lowercase for the whimsy of this kit)

    thanks again for sharing your creativity.

    •  by  abloom

      Wow, loads of ideas there, thanks for sharing! I like the loop-a-loop for the bee and I can manage the hexagon stitched overlays. I’m planning to wrap up the add-ons tonight, so maybe I can squeeze these in ;-)

      •  by  Anon

        I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.
        Thanks for giving us a chance to put forth some ideas.

      •  by  Anon

        thanks so much all the wonderful treats
        those kitties are great

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  5.  by  Shannon

    I think a felt cat would be adorable! And I have cats who don’t eat birds, just watch them!!

    •  by  abloom

      I’ll think about it, but I will need more votes for a cat (I have no idea how to draw one :D)

  6.  by  doodle

    Oh, I love the kit AND all of the addon suggestions above! I agree with violet “plain stitched elements” or a stitched alpha would be lovely! Thanks for the freebie!!!

    •  by  abloom

      You are inspiring! I have never made an alpha, but I like the idea of felt ABC’s…. hmmmm *crunching my brain and starting up photoshop*

  7.  by  Violet

    I think some plain stitched elements (like the flowers and honeycomb on the papers, but without the background) would be really pretty.

  8.  by  Anon

    Your felt work is so detailed and perfect for the kits. I would love to see some stitched felt flowers to make the kit and some stars, if you have the time.

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