Be my cute little Monster


I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine. This months’ colors didn’t quite hit the mark with me either. I wondered what type of Valentine kit I would use for my own personal scrapping. Something I could use with the hundreds of pictures I have of my cute little kids of course, what else? A cute monster kit will do the job! Only… somehow the cute little monsters all scurried away quickly the minute I sat down to draw them. I got one dragon type down on paper, but it wasn’t as cute as I wanted it to be. So I called in a favor. My friend and colleague Judith (Remember her? She is the one that helped me perfect my digital felting waaaaay back in the beginning of my felting fever) can draw – and felt – the coolest creatures. In exchange for a cable crocheted bracelet she sketched these lovely monsters and finally got me going. Personally, this is my favorite kit so far. Thanks Judith!

And yes, I did end up making a page with my cute little monsters kids ;-)

*sorry, download links expired* But, this kit is available at Pixel Scrapper now!

The rest of the Pixelscrapper blogtrain can be found [HERE].

Having trouble downloading? Try my short tutorial right [HERE].

46 Comments on “Be my cute little Monster

  1.  by  Sharon-Dewi

    This is absolutely adorable Melo! I love those little monsters! Thanks for sharing!

  2.  by  TiffanyJ

    I’m DYING from all the cuteness! I can’t wait to play with these little guys! I love your felt critters so much! Thanks Melo!

  3.  by  Lorien

    Thanks Melo, this kit is adorable! I confess I downloaded very few portions this month, and I have a block to scrap with pink (I love pink IRL though) but I couldn´t skip those critters…

    Humm… May I see your dragon someday?

    From your dear fan,

  4.  by  tonyakaye

    Wonderful kit. The heart apple with the worms are adorable. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  5.  by  Melanie Colantuno

    Fell in love with the felt you did!! I think I am having the felt fever too!!!

  6.  by  iluv2scrapdeb

    I just love this little kit – can’t wait to send my great-grands some love! Thank you for sharing your talent,

  7.  by  SiskiyouSue

    This is just adorable! I used to have one of those cute little monsters of my own… Thank you.

  8.  by  Dawn

    Yay! I got it. I tried several times yesterday but just got the error and today (with the same browser) it worked like a charm. I don’t know where the gremlins were or where they’ve gone, I’m just happy to have such a lovely kit! Many thanks Melo! That huge monster would make a fabulous valentine card all on his own :)

  9.  by  Molly

    Fabulous!! Thank you so much .. what an amazing ride; so much versatility .. you ladies rock!
    If it is of any help to anyone, I have found over the last few months that downloads sometimes don’t work in particular browsers .. crazy. I downloaded .. it was a little slow to start, and I clicked a few times (what can I say, I’m a clicker!!). I am using Google Chrome today, but I tend to try Flock, Google Chrome & Firefox. Usually one of them works :)

  10.  by  Molly

    Fabulous!! Thank you so much .. what an amazing ride; so much versatility .. you ladies rock!

  11.  by  Dawn

    Fabulous as always but I too am getting a glitch -
    Error: getaddrinfo ENOENT
    at errnoException (dns.js:31:11)
    at Object.onanswer [as oncomplete] (dns.js:140:16)
    Thanks anyway and I’ll call back later in the week to see if the computer gremlins are less troublesome :)

  12.  by  Ann

    Another absolutely fantastic kit! I love your creations.
    Thank you so much.

  13.  by  makeyesup

    Got the darling kit, thanks, know sometimes with Gett, I have to go back later, probably traffic problem.

  14.  by  Julie C

    LOVE your kit. LOVE that it’s different. I also didn’t get into this theme, so my kit was about dogs/adoption. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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  16.  by  Anon

    how sweet is this kit
    valentines and pink – just not for me either, but I am going to use this kit to make valentines for the kits ’cause those monsters are just way to cute to pass up

    have a wonderful Februrary

  17.  by  Laura

    Thanks for a darling kit! The is working now, it’s slow to begin, but I wanted the cute monsters so I was patient… :)

  18.  by  Harriett

    The download worked fine for me, a little slow. Thank you for the really cute kit.

    •  by  abloom

      Sorry guys! Normally I always download my own uploads to make sure, but I ran out of time with this one – figures it instantly plays dead on me! It is all fixed and working now, so sorry for the inconvenience!

  19.  by  Deanna

    Love this kit but I can’t see any links when I click your link at There doesn’t appear to be anything on the page. I really want this kit and thank you for sharing it when you get the links working.

  20.  by  Deanna

    Love this kit but when I click on the link above, the page has no links to download. I read the tutorial but there is nothing on the page except a big blue arrow pointing down that says get it. I want this kit and will check back later.

  21.  by  Maaike

    These are indeed really cute!! I love your interpretation of the theme.
    Unfortunatly, I also couldn’t download it, I got the same error message as BlueCat. Hope it will be available later… wouldn’t like to miss out on this one ( I simply adore your felties!!)
    Oh, and doesn’t Judith like more of those bracelets?? ;-) She did a lovely job!
    Judith, Bedankt! :-)

  22.  by  Cintia

    Hi Melo,
    Your kit is wonderful as always!! :D Unfortunatelly, acts funny this way from time to time… I came to find out I had to upload and download my kit right after uploading there jus to be sure it was uploaded all right. I’ll come back later to try again. Thank you so much!!!!!

  23.  by  BlueCat

    Adorable kit! Thank you very much.
    Unfortunately,GE.TT said ” File not available
    The upload was interrupted

    This file is not available, because the upload was interrupted.
    You will not be able to download the file.
    Contact the owner if you need the file.”

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