Earth Day kit also available at Pixel Scrapper

Hi everyone,

We, designers at Pixel Scrapper, decided to make our blogtrain parts available to subscribers of Pixel Scrapper from now on, to make it easier for you to see whether you have already downloaded this or not – with the nifty download status on the site! Would you rather download my minikit over there? My part at Pixel Scrapper can be found [HERE].

Have you not subscribed to the unlimited downloads at Pixel Scrapper? Go subscribe now ;-) (just kidding, stay and read the rest of this post and subscribe later). Heehee… OK, no more joking around, this is serious stuff! What if I am not a subscriber? Do I not have access to the designers’ blogtrain parts then?
Ofcourse not, silly! Everyone following the April blogtrain (or any other future blogtrain) will still find my part posted right here on my blog. So where did I go and hide this months’ kit? The download links to the Earth Day April Minikit can be found in [THIS] post. Enjoy!

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