Hello! Time for the May Blogtrain…


Hello! This theme is wonderful, the colors are fresh and vibrant and I have seen some really gorgeous kits in the Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain thread this month! I had to stop working on this, even though I wanted to go on forever, but my little man’s birthday is coming up very soon and I had to test drive his tractor cake (vrrrooooom, it turned out great, yay!). I may just steal these colors for another kit or carry on making stuff when the birthday bash is over.

As you (may) know, I upload the blogtrain parts to Pixel Scrapper too, so if you are a subscriber, why not download [HERE]? That way, the site remembers you’ve already downloaded this and… this stuff will get linked to the templates one day!

For the non-subscribers there is a link on ge.tt ready for download. I have been getting some e-mails from people with download problems, it seems that some virus scanning softwares won’t allow you to download from there. I am sorry this is happening, but I have chosen ge.tt for my downloads for several good reasons and I don’t plan on spending time to find something else: between life and designing, there is not much time left. I have absolutely no problem with you sending me an e-mail in case you have trouble and in most cases I will send you a personal download link for the kit(s) you have trouble with. However, I kindly request you to keep these e-mails friendly. Remember, I am doing all this for free and for fun. Demanding me to find a better download site gets my panties in a bunch. Demanding anything gets my panties in a bunch… as it probably does for you too. Anywhoooo…. after this little ranting (sorry about that), your download link *expired, sorry* Find it in my store [HERE]

The rest of the Pixelscrapper blogtrain can be found [HERE].

Having trouble downloading on ge.tt? Try my short tutorial right [HERE].

24 Comments on “Hello! Time for the May Blogtrain…

  1.  by  Marie

    Darling kit! Thank you for this kit and all that you do for us on Pixel Scrapper. You are greatly appreciated.

  2.  by  Regina

    Your kit is sooooo CUTE! ! ! ! :) Thank you for sharing :)

  3.  by  Luteze

    Muito obrigado. Seu kit é muito bacana. Gosto da florzinha de crochê.
    Faço Scrapbook híbrido, como se fala aqui no Brasil, e gosto de crochetar.
    Deus a abençoe!

  4.  by  Pamela

    Thank you so much! YOur kit is so cute! I love the child on the telephone! Thank you for your lovely designs and your generosity in sharing your work with us, your grateful fans! Best wishes, from Pamela

  5.  by  Cesc

    Love the telephone “hello” connections. Many thanks for this delightful kit.

  6.  by  Anon

    Great take on the Hello theme. Thanks for sharing.

  7.  by  fl_connie

    Thanks much – and I don’t mind your rants, lol!

  8.  by  redjanfan

    thanks a bunch ablooms – a whole bouquet of blooms!

  9.  by  Judith

    Thank you so much! I absolutely adore the kiddos with the cans & string ‘phone’! <3 :D

  10.  by  Mags

    This is GREAT!!! Thanks for your part of the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train!
    :) Mags / MagsGraphics

  11.  by  steffie

    Thanks so much for a very sweet kit. You do really nice work.

  12.  by  Holly

    Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution. I cant imagine the time you spend making such great things. xx

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