Animals gone wild…

As I sort of hinted in the March Blogtrain post, I couldn’t stop myself from making more animals. I waited for a little bit, to see if specific animals would be desired more than others. But since you left hardly any requests (really guys? did you just not read the blogpost or do you really have no wish for a certain kind of animal?), I went ahead and made some myself. Continue Reading

Animal Kingdom Blogtrain

I have gone wild (pun intended) over this months’ blogtrain! Ever since we bended the theme from ‘furry friends’ to Animal Kingdom I have had this idea in my head of collage-type animals. I am really thankful we didn’t stick with the ‘furry’ animals – somehow furry and collages don’t blend together in my head… Even though I pondered over this blogtrain part for three weeks, I was hesitant to start. Do you know that feeling when you have a clear image in your head on how you want something to turn out and then, when you finally get started, it turns out completely NOT as you wanted it too? I was so scared this was going to happen that I kept pushing back the deadline. But I got myself in gear, started waaaaayyy ahead of the deadline (over a week ahead – this has never happened before!) and I finished in the course of a morning (did you just fall of your chair? I did…). And it looked GREAT (at least, I think so ;-)). It looks even better than it did in my head, which it almost never does. Plus, I had loads of fun. So much so, that I don’t want to stop – I want to do more animals. Lots more! So, if you like what you see and you have any requests for animals you would love to see, please leave them in the comments. Can’t wait to get started on the next lot!

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Animal Kingdom

New release: Beachy Templates

Short announcement today, since I have not a lot to tell… Last summer I made the Beachy minikit for a blogtrain (you can read about the inspiration for this kit on the blog here). I finally got around to cleaning up the templates folder! In this kit you will find PSD-files for the ‘sticker’ versions and outlined versions in PNG. Can’t wait to see what you create with these (image is linked to the shop). Have fun!




The story of how it all began…

A normal day at the office (a graphic design agency): I needed a metal scrap background – I don’t even remember why, but I needed it quick and bad – so I did a google search on “scrap”. While scrolling through the images looking for “just the right one”, I would come across little squares of joyful colors and patterns… Never having heard of scrapbooking, I had no idea what I was looking at, but they caught my eye. I love happy colors (as you may well be aware of if you know me and my designs a little) and I couldn’t help but click on one of them. Sahlin Studio’s site opened (which back then was also very colorful, girly and flowery) and I was instantly grabbed by everything I saw. Quickly copy-pasting the URL and sending it to my home e-mail, I went back to work.

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Did you ever step into the time-consuming alternate reality called Pinterest? I get sucked into that void weekly… It happens almost once every week, preferably after my husband has gone up to bed and I just uttered the words “I’ll be up in a minute…” Continue Reading


Inspiration can be found anywhere. For this particular kit it was a photoshoot with my daughter and her best friend. Mind you, the photo’s were not taken by me: the best friends’ mom made a really beautiful set of pictures that day, as she does quite often. They have provided lots and lots of inspiration for layouts, but this time they also inspired my designs for this kit. Her picture in this layout made me think of Marie-Antoinette, with the wig and all… And that made me think pink, sweet, girly. The kit sort of made itself way back in 2013. And then it just sat there, on my computer, for ages, lonely and forgotten. Until some chilly day I went through all my old folders and found her again. Phew, the story has a happy ending after all!

You may already have this in your stash, as it was featured as the Pixel Scrapper Newsletter Freebie past January. included in the minikit is the white-washed wooden Alpha, which has been featured as the January Facebook Freebie. So again, please check your stash, you may already own it. But in case you missed it, it is up for sale now (images are linked):

The Template Kit has been released too, for all you designers out there!


And one of my wonderful CT members made you a beautiful Quick Page with this mini. You can DOWNLOAD it on her blog. Don’t forget to thank her for the freebie!


Februari Blogtrain: Rustic Charm


I have this uncontrollable urge to move towards Art Journal or Mixed Media type of designs. Having ‘been there, done that’ with the felt creatures (I am releasing an action so you can make your own this year at Pixel Scrapper) and having dabbled in ‘regular flat paper type with a bit of grunge’ scrapbook designs I am ready to move on to the next new thing. Only, some themes are really hard to incorporate in a mixed media style, at least it is for me. Since I am only at the beginning of my artsyfartsymixallkindsofmedia journey my mind can’t seem to come up with any Rustic Charm Art Journal thingy-me-thing. So I turned to making an Alpha instead :-P Or three Alphas actually – two painted & peeled Wood Alphas and a Burlap one. I fiddled around with 3D in Photoshop to achieve this result, but I couldn’t get it right, so I ended up doing it ‘manually’ with the help of a very helpful tutorial by psd-dude. Hope you like the results! (Oh, and by the way: these Alphas work best with a 45 degree drop shadow. Just so you know…)

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Winter Arabesque Blogtrain

Not being a native English speaker, I had no idea what ‘Winter Arabesque’ meant. I knew arabesque as a ballet term and obviously I do know what Winter means… But the two put together, uuuhhmm… no clue. So I searched ‘Arabesque’ on Pinterest and all these really cool Arab patterns popped up on my screen. Oooooh, so that’s it!

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