Woot! The very first designer hop for me and I have a feeling this won’t be the last. The colors for this collab made me instantly forget Winter and celebrate Spring – even Summer pops into mind with these colors – hence the cocktails ;-) Working on this made me feel warm and happy, so you can expect a little add-on soon.

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Hi everyone,

We, designers at Pixel Scrapper, decided to make our blogtrain parts available to subscribers of Pixel Scrapper from now on, to make it easier for you to see whether you have already downloaded this or not – with the nifty download status on the site! Would you rather download my minikit over there? My part at Pixel Scrapper can be found [HERE].

Have you not subscribed to the unlimited downloads at Pixel Scrapper? Go subscribe now ;-) (just kidding, stay and read the rest of this post and subscribe later). Heehee… OK, no more joking around, this is serious stuff! What if I am not a subscriber? Do I not have access to the designers’ blogtrain parts then?
Ofcourse not, silly! Everyone following the April blogtrain (or any other future blogtrain) will still find my part posted right here on my blog. So where did I go and hide this months’ kit? The download links to the Earth Day April Minikit can be found in [THIS] post. Enjoy!

Earth Day 2014


We don’t “do” Earth Day in Holland, at least not that I know of (oh my, maybe it has been a thing for years here and I never noticed!). The colors were totally inspiring this month and my fingers were itching to start felting. I love how it turned out. Now I only need some Earth Day photo’s to scrap… Continue Reading

March 2014 Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain

Country Wedding. A lovely selection of inspirational items pinned to different boards on Pinterest. My love for Lilacs and Hydrangeas (the wedding flowers in the two weddings that got this months’ blogtrain started). All this should be enough to get my creative mojo flowing, right?

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The Nerd Herd

I have officially had the most fun EVER creating this kit. Somewhere last year the digital scrapbooking community at Pixel Scrapper had another fun designer challenge, creating an add-on mini kit to one of Marisa Lerin’s Bundles: the Pet Bundle. She challenged us to make a mini around any animal, except for the ones she already covered: dogs and cats. I kept my eye on the challenge, popped in every day or so, but I couldn’t think of any animal I would want to make a mini for.

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Be my cute little Monster


I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine. This months’ colors didn’t quite hit the mark with me either. I wondered what type of Valentine kit I would use for my own personal scrapping. Something I could use with the hundreds of pictures I have of my cute little kids of course, what else? A cute monster kit will do the job! Only… somehow the cute little monsters all scurried away quickly the minute I sat down to draw them. I got one dragon type down on paper, but it wasn’t as cute as I wanted it to be. So I called in a favor. My friend and colleague Judith (Remember her? She is the one that helped me perfect my digital felting waaaaay back in the beginning of my felting fever) can draw – and felt – the coolest creatures. In exchange for a cable crocheted bracelet she sketched these lovely monsters and finally got me going. Personally, this is my favorite kit so far. Thanks Judith!

And yes, I did end up making a page with my cute little monsters kids ;-)

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Designing at Pixel Scrapper

Most of you probably read all about it already, but my new (well, more like first) design home is… Pixel Scrapper! This can’t come as a surprise for anyone right? ;-) I have loved this community from the start and spent many hours in the forum. So many, I took on a moderating job over a year ago. They got me into designing and asked me to join their team! I fell off my chair the first time they asked, I honestly thought they were kidding. It took me a while to say yes though – with two young kids, a husband with a night study on top of his fulltime job and my own parttime steady job that I love, there just isn’t a lot of time left in a day! I got myself into gear and defined some evenings as me-design-time and it seems to work… There is a nice creative flow going and I am still surfing it – knock on wood – hope it lasts very long!

As I promised, I will still try to do blogtrain parts, although they will be a smaller size now. I hope to see you around on my blog and on Pixel Scrapper too. Maybe my first kit will entice you to go take a look:


The Best Is Yet To Come


This year will be a busy year, full of new things. I start designing ‘for real’ uhm… now! I hope I can still keep up with the blogtrains. This month I started really really really late (three days before deadline), but somehow this time it all fell in place pretty quick. I love this colorpalette, nice and bold if you want them to, but also quite stylish and modern if you prefer that. The pretty flower is my own creation; I started crocheting a few weeks ago – like I have time to spare… ;-) Oh, and yes, that is me in the picture, don’t you just love the seventies wallpapers and pillows behind me!

Can’t wait to see what you make. Happy Scrapping!

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