Winter Arabesque Blogtrain

Not being a native English speaker, I had no idea what ‘Winter Arabesque’ meant. I knew arabesque as a ballet term and obviously I do know what Winter means… But the two put together, uuuhhmm… no clue. So I searched ‘Arabesque’ on Pinterest and all these really cool Arab patterns popped up on my screen. Oooooh, so that’s it!

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The Nutcracker Blogtrain

Our little girl is like any other five year old: she wants to be either a princess or a balletdancer. So this one is for her: a ballet kit. I left out all reference to Christmas or the actual Nutcracker Ballet and just went with the ballet theme. I figured there would be lots of Christmas kits already this month, so I hope you don’t mind ;-)

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Our House Collaboration Bundle

The Pixel Scrapper designers got together and extended this months’ (already huge) Blogtrain: Our House. We ended up with a big Collaboration Bundle. If you liked my Blogtrain Freebie, you will love this! Take a look at my part:

Or House Papers
Our House Elements
Our House Words & Doodles

You can find the entire Pixel Scrapper Collaboration Bundle HERE

Our House

I had great fun with watercolors last month, hence the watercolored blogtrain part for the October Autumn Art theme. It has been years since I last touched my art supplies for me – for the kids we break out the paintbrushes more often. The doodling and painting felt really good, so I decided to stick with it this month. For this months’ theme I wanted to try the mixed media/artjournal style. To make things easy, I have made another quickpage for you – get the mixed media style without having to mix your own media. Yay! For those of you who would rather have an artjournal/mixed media kit to play around with: keep your eyes on Pixel Scrapper, as I will be releasing a matching kit soon!

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Autumn Art

Autumn Art: I have had this title in my head for over a year. And plenty of ideas to go with it. Only, I ran out of time. Lots of fun weekend getaways, family stuff and the Veggie Patch Bundle with Marisa Lerin “interfered” with this months’ blogtrain (what a cute way to get totally distracted!). Although I did doodle some leaves and did some watercolors when me and my boy were painting, it wasn’t enough to make a minikit this time. So, I turned what I had into a quick page. And I have to say, I kind of LOVE it! Once I can find the time to make some proper papers and other fun stuff to go with this, I will surely turn this into my next project. Hope you will like this, it is actually my very first quickpage.

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At the Fair

September already? Time flies when you’re having fun! We just got back from our camping trip to France – the first time our kids went camping – and it was definitely fun. And so was working on this months’ blogtrain! First time I used Adobe Illustrator to draw all elements, before adding texture and all in Photoshop. Wow, that is waaaay faster than how I normally work… I may finally have found a way to speed up things – which is especially helpful when you just got back from holiday and can’t seem to get out of the relaxation-mode!
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Garden Party. Perfect! I was right in the middle of planning a Princess Garden Party for our little Miss Princess and her friends when this months’ theme was ‘elected’. Yay! Only… two days before the party weather turned on us. Storm swept over our tiny country and left us with no other option but to bring the garden party inside the house. With ten tiny princesses (well, nine, and one prince in a princess-dress ;-)) running around the house, this was not an easy task. But, we managed and had a wonderful day! We only stepped outside (into the pouring rain) once, to pull the pullstring pinata, huddled under the garden porch. Continue Reading


We moved to a newbuild house two years ago. My husband decided to take on my daughters’ room and I got to plan and paint out little mans’ room. Ofcourse, I went overboard (literally). I decided to make a beach scene, complete with waves, lighthouse and lots of beach and sea animals. I spent two evenings with my friend and collegue masking and painting in secret mode: doors closed and hush-hush. To finish it off we bought some adorable secondhand whitewashed baby furniture with cupboards that looked like tiny beach houses – too cute! This year he turned three and started to outgrow his crib, so we bought him a big boy bed shaped like a boat (or as he calls it: his pirate bed). He loves it:


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