Garden Party. Perfect! I was right in the middle of planning a Princess Garden Party for our little Miss Princess and her friends when this months’ theme was ‘elected’. Yay! Only… two days before the party weather turned on us. Storm swept over our tiny country and left us with no other option but to bring the garden party inside the house. With ten tiny princesses (well, nine, and one prince in a princess-dress ;-)) running around the house, this was not an easy task. But, we managed and had a wonderful day! We only stepped outside (into the pouring rain) once, to pull the pullstring pinata, huddled under the garden porch. When the party was over, I realized I still had to make this blogtrain part happen. Totally forgot about it! And, all our decorations were geared toward Princess parties, not Garden parties. So in the end, planning our own garden party didn’t really give me any ideas for this blogtrain part. Our party was in no way what I wrote in the word-snippets: Garden Party (not), Relaxing (no way!), Sunshine (not once that day!), but ‘Love this’ DOES apply!



Download on Pixel Scrapper (for subscribers only) or if you are not a subscriber (yet) download [HERE] or [HERE]. This kit can be used under a CU license.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will be on holiday during the launch of the August Blogtrain, without any means to access this site or the downloads. If you have any trouble, please leave a comment and BE PATIENT. I’ll be back (did you just hear Arnold? I did) half August. If any downloads are corrupt, I will fix them when I get back – so check in again later in the month. In case there has been trouble in paradise (again with the movie reference!), don’t worry: I will keep the free download links up longer, so you will have enough time to download.


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We moved to a newbuild house two years ago. My husband decided to take on my daughters’ room and I got to plan and paint out little mans’ room. Ofcourse, I went overboard (literally). I decided to make a beach scene, complete with waves, lighthouse and lots of beach and sea animals. I spent two evenings with my friend and collegue masking and painting in secret mode: doors closed and hush-hush. To finish it off we bought some adorable secondhand whitewashed baby furniture with cupboards that looked like tiny beach houses – too cute! This year he turned three and started to outgrow his crib, so we bought him a big boy bed shaped like a boat (or as he calls it: his pirate bed). He loves it:


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Oooooohhh Baby!

Turns out all Pixel Scrapper designers fell in love with the Oh Baby Baby blogtrain theme (and colors!). If you loved the Blogtrain, you are going to love the Bundle too. *WARNING* next up is an insane amount of previews * Or, you could just skip scrolling through the previews and push the download button on the Pixel Scrapper site.

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Oh Baby Baby!


Felt and babies go together very well, don’t you think? Did you notice the cute baby elements inside the felt photo-frames? I adore that little sock monkey! For the first time since my felt fever has kicked in, I haven’t drawn any of these cute baby elements myself. Sheila Reid dropped them into my lap (thank you Sheila!) and begged me to turn them into felt. I couldn’t refuse – they are way too cute not to use! I love how the my little pony rocking horse turned out, with all the intricate details I didn’t think I could turn that into felt. But it works great. If you like the frames in this minikit, keep an eye on the Pixel Scrapper site this week: I will be releasing all elements by Sheila Reid, felted – with love!

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Hello! Time for the May Blogtrain…


Hello! This theme is wonderful, the colors are fresh and vibrant and I have seen some really gorgeous kits in the Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain thread this month! I had to stop working on this, even though I wanted to go on forever, but my little man’s birthday is coming up very soon and I had to test drive his tractor cake (vrrrooooom, it turned out great, yay!). I may just steal these colors for another kit or carry on making stuff when the birthday bash is over.

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Woot! The very first designer hop for me and I have a feeling this won’t be the last. The colors for this collab made me instantly forget Winter and celebrate Spring – even Summer pops into mind with these colors – hence the cocktails ;-) Working on this made me feel warm and happy, so you can expect a little add-on soon.

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Hi everyone,

We, designers at Pixel Scrapper, decided to make our blogtrain parts available to subscribers of Pixel Scrapper from now on, to make it easier for you to see whether you have already downloaded this or not – with the nifty download status on the site! Would you rather download my minikit over there? My part at Pixel Scrapper can be found [HERE].

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